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About me

Photo: Katrine H. Van Tulder


Ole Gjerde (1976)

I have my degree in Traditional music and Hardanger fiddle making from the Ole Bull Academy in Voss.

From earlier I have a relatively varied background in design and product development from agriculture as well as the boat and oil industry.

I have a lot of experience as a performing musician and handle many different instruments. Earlier I have been one of the leading diatonic accordion players in the country, and I am still an active musician in various groups.​

I live in Omastrand with my family.  

Workshop and tools

The workshop is placed in Strandebarm in Kvam, Hardanger. It contains all the equipment needed for woodworking, such as a machine planer, band sawing machine and other.

In 2017 I purchased a 3-axis CNC-router from CNCrouterparts in USA. It arrived in parts and I assembled it myself, with valuable help from experienced retired mechanics. The machine is powerful, fast and accurate, and can work with most materials, even aluminium. After a small upgrade it now has four axes.

In addition I have a Solid Works 3D license I use with Fusion 360 to both design products and program the CNC-router.


Strandebarm lies about 30 km south-west of Norheimsund in Kvam. Up until 1968 Strandebarm was a municipality, but is now a collective term for the area stretching from Mundheim to Innstranda. The workshop is placed in Tangerås, the most central part of Strandebarm.


Traditionally, Strandebarm has been known for boat building and agriculture, however tourism and salmon farming are the most important industries today. The road along the Hardanger fjord from Mundheim to Innstranda is known for being one of the most beautiful routes to travel by car in Norway.

Strandebarm has a very active sports culture, as well as a varied

cultural life. The small communities are characterized by voluntary work with many contributors. This culture was celebrated through the "Strandebarm series" - a series of 17 children's Hardanger fiddles, each named after a person in Strandebarm who in their own way has made the community a little bit better. 

I want Gjerde Felemakeri to contribute and be part of the local community, and I have made several contributions to the cultural life in the area. Kvemmingen spel- og dansarlag, the local fiddling group, often have their rehearsals in the workshop and have cooperated with Gjerde Felemakeri in arranging concerts through the project "Felemakarscenen" (The fiddle makers stage). Many of these concerts have been held in the workshop, with overwhelming attendance and a great atmosphere.

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