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Children's fiddles 

I deliver Hardanger fiddles for children in 1/2 and 3/4 size which are

  • Made from quality material

  • Ergonomically correct for small hands

  • Easily played with good response


Young Hardanger fiddle players need an easily played and ergonomically correct instrument. A beautifully decorated instrument with genuine Hardanger fiddle timbre is important for young players motivation, and vital to recruit more players.

Playing the Hardanger fiddle is already technically challenging, and not having a good instrument will only make it harder. 


For the past years I have dreamt of being able to produce quality instruments suitable for teaching children, and in February 2020 I delivered the first series of children's Hardanger fiddles to music schools in Hardanger and Voss. The picture on the right is of one of these instruments. Gjerde Felemakeri has delivered over 20 children's Hardanger fiddles, and has good experience with making such instruments.

Hardanger fiddles in this category are made the same way as full size Hardanger fiddles, but has less decoration to lower the price. The fiddle pictured on the right has more decor than the standard children's fiddle, and will have a higher price.

Making the fiddles ergonomically correct is very important to me, and I have collaborated with music teachers and fiddle players to make some changes so the fiddles suit the younger players better. 

​The fiddles are delivered with case and bow.


Please contact me for a noncommittal conversation.

Photographer: Arne Fykse
Children's Hardanger fiddles delivered February 2020
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